Weather Girl Yanet Garcia Just Made An X-Rated Music Video


If you’re a big fan of the weather we have no doubt you’re well accustomed to the ‘world’s hottest weather girl’, Yanet Garcia. 

According to the Daily Star, Yanet seems to make headlines every other week – more often than not with her body, as it makes even the rainiest days in Mexico a little bit brighter.

However just last week, millions of hearts were shattered when the 24-year-old Mexican weather girl posted a series of snaps onto Instagram showing her and her boyfriend getting rather comfortable together.

But never fear – as Garcia is now back in the limelight after making a rather raunchy music video for Central American pop-star, PeeWee, which is essentially just soft-core porn with a nice smile and a bizarre backing track.

The video seems go in a chronological order as the weather gal appears to be on video chat with a lover, or perhaps just a very, very close friend.

It isn’t long before she’s shaking her hips and got her kit off – using a selfie stick to make sure the unknown entity on the other end of the line is seeing absolutely everything, much to the envy of the rest of the world.

giphy 72

If that wasn’t enough for you Yanet then hops into a very bubbly bath where she proceeds to lift one leg up out of the water and give it a good stroke. It’s all rather sexy but is it very efficient? Absolutely not.

The clip comes to a fitting climax as Garcia gives the edge of her bra a thorough tug but, nope, the dude on the other end of the line isn’t seeing anything.


Better luck next time pal.

You can watch the full video down below:

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