Meet The Four-Year-Old Boy Who Looks Like A Pensioner Due To Rare Condition


Bayezid Hossain, a four-year-old from Bangladesh, is the boy who looks like an old aged pensioner due to a very rare condition.

The young lad is believed to suffer from progeria, which causes him difficulties weeing, gives him a swollen face, sagging skin, hollow eyes, aching joints, as well as weak teeth, due to him ageing eight times faster than normal.

Unfortunately, children the same age as Bayezid are afraid of him because of the rare condition, which means he can’t go to school. People in the community usually avoid him, despite the fact that after word spread about his birth, people queued up outside his house to see him.

Tripti Khatun, the four-year-old’s mother, said: “Bayezid only learned to walk aged three but he had a full set of teeth at three months old.

“His physical growth is completely abnormal but mentally, he has wonderful conversation, very aware and is very intuitive for his age.

“He does not look like other children. He looks like an old man. As a first time mother I can’t bear the pain of seeing my child like this.”

When Bayezid was born in 2012, doctors were stunned and unable to help Tripti and her husband, Lovelu Hossain.

“I was terrified to see him when he was born,” Tripti said. “He was just flesh and bones. He looked like an alien and it was heartbreaking for me.

“Doctors had no idea what to do, they said they had never seen such a baby. They warned us that there was nothing they could do.”

Credit: Cover Asia Press via YouTube

Unfortunately, Tripti and Lovelu received no help from their local community, who instead gossiped about their child, and discussed their capabilities as parents, given that they are also cousins.

Typically, those who suffer from progeria have a short life span, usually dying from heart attacks or strokes at an average age of 13.

Bayezid has been labeled the ‘Old Man’ by locals, but is slowly being accepted.

According to his mother, he completely understands his condition, but cries whenever it is spoken about.

His dad, Lovelu, has accepted that there may not be a cure for Bayezid, but also believes that his son isn’t getting the best chance of survival because his family are poor.

Words by Mark McGowan

Featured image credit: Credit: Cover Asia Press via YouTube

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