Tim Cook: Apple Has Sold Its Billionth iPhone


Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the company has sold its billionth iPhone. The announcement happened at an employee meeting in Cupertino, California. The Apple CEO said the iPhone has become one of the most important, world changing and successful products in history. He added that itiPhone 5chas become more than a constant companion.

A Rare Achievement

He also said the device is truly an essential part of our daily life and enables much of what we do throughout the day. He thanked everyone at Apple for helping change the world every day and mentioned that the billionth iPhone was sold last week.

Earlier this year, the tech giant announced that it had one billion active devices, which include the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

The First iPhone

Development of the first iPhone began twelve years ago and the phone made its first appearance on January 2007. The iPhone was released five months later and its become one of the most popular phones in the market.

The iPhone went on sale with a price of $499 for the 4GB version and $599 for the 8GB version. The iPhone could not run third party apps in the beginning but that changed later. The company’s latest release is the iPhone SE, which arrived earlier this year. Sales for the 4-inch iPhone SE have done well and a recent study says that many owners of older iPhones are actually switching to the iPhone SE, which costs a few hundreds dollars less than the iPhone 6 and 6S.

Third Quarter

Apple recently said it sold over 40 million iPhones in the third quarter, a few thousand more than what analysts had predicted. The company reported a 16.3 percent drop in the second quarter, which was surprising because the company had not seen a decline since the release of the first iPhone.

The company could soon unveil its next phone, the iPhone 7. The latest rumors say that the company will announce the phone on September 12 and release it four days later.  The rumored release date is a few days earlier than previous iPhone releases but nothing has been confirmed. Another rumor also says that the company will continue the iPhone 6 by calling its next phone the iPhone 6SE. That’s very interesting as past rumors have also said that the 2016 release will have a similar design. More rumors will probably surface in the next few weeks, but customers can’t wait to see what Apple will unveil soon.

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