Amazon Gets Permission To Test Drones In The UK


Amazon delivery drones are not a secret and the online retailer has already released a video on how these drones will work in the future. There are still a few things that need to be approved before the drones start delivering packages, but the company has good news.

The online retailer has announced that it will partner with the UK government to start testing the delivery drones. The testing will be with small packages and it will be the first time that these tests will be done in the UK.

Amazon Prime Air DroneAmazon received the support from the government team and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Testing will focus on drones carrying deliveries that weight five pounds or less. A company spokeswoman mentioned that these deliveries make up 90 percent of Amazon’s sales.

The tests will be limited to an altitude of 400 ft. and the drones cannot operate near airports. A representative of the Civil Aviation Authority said that a priority during the tests would be making these drones fly without affecting others in the air.

Amazon has the permission to start testing in the UK, but the current legislation says that drones cannot be flown within 50 meters of a person or a building. Drones can only be 500 meters away from the pilot. This is one of the biggest obstacles for the commercial use of drones. Pilots also have to complete a training course and get permission from the CAA.

In the US, the online retailer and many other companies are also facing a number of restrictions. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires commercial drones to weigh less than 55 pounds and that number the package it will be delivering. The drones can only fly during the day and must each have their own pilot.

Amazon is not the only company testing and looking to have drones as part of their future. A few more have already shown their drones. Delivery drones could be used by many companies in the future but one has focused on human transport. The Ehang 184 stands out from the rest because it is the world’s first passenger drone. The drone can transport one person and it was recently approved for testing by Nevada.

The commercial use of drones still has a few obstacles ahead and testing is just getting started, so we could be waiting for a while before this technology is approved.

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