Experts Say Rio’s Venues May Be Unsafe


Is it all going to be ready in August? That’s what many are asking about the Rio 2016 Olympics as the event is less than six weeks away. Hundreds of athletes will compete for a gold medal at the venues currently being finished. But hosting the Olympics is more than just building a sports venue, it requires a lot more. Fans and athletes will have to travel to the areas where the competitions will take place. But in Barra da Tijuca, where the Olympic Park is located, things are not going well.

Infrastructure Projects

Olympic ParkThe country is focused on finishing the infrastructure projects before the opening ceremony but some are facing a few problems. One of them is the subway line, which will link tourists to the sports venues, and has not been finished. The bus lanes and a few other things needed to guide tourists around the city has also not been completed.

Rio officials recently said sports venues are 98 percent complete, meaning they’re almost ready for the opening ceremony. But Sheilla Tavares, a professional volleyball player who has competed in two Olympics, has seen the construction and is not so sure about it being close to ready. She told Fox News Latino that it’s a mess and that it still has a lot of work that seems to need to be done.

She also mentioned that she had to compete at a volleyball event in a facility where there will be other sports besides volleyball because the venue is currently closed. That venue is closed for maintenance but is said to be the official venue for the event.

A few days ago, Olympic organizers and media made a visit to the athletes village. The apartments, where thousands of athletes will stay, and surrounding areas are now complete. But the country is still trying to finish construction for the tennis courts and velodrome, which is almost at 90 percent.

Rio officials say the bus lanes and Olympic Park will be complete before the start of the games. This won’t be the last sporting event for the country though, they will host the next Copa America in 2019. That makes it three big sporting events in five years, with the 2014 World Cup, 2016 Rio Olympics and 2019 Copa America.

Do you think it will all be ready by August? Which sports are you planning to watch in the Olympics? Let us know in the comments.

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