UN Will Attempt To Resettle Thousands of Refugees


Earlier today, the United Nations said it will try to resettle 170,000 refugees next year. The projected figure is 30,000 more than in 2016.

The UNHCR admitted in a report released today that this number is still 15 percent less of the more than 1 million refugees that will be in need of resettlement next year. Most of the refugees in the projected figures will really need a new home as the United Nations believes they cannot return or stay at their current country.

Resettling more than 1 million people in one year is not likely to happen. Leo Dobbs, a UNHCR spokesman told AFP that resettling the 1.19 million people is not feasible based on the recent trends. The UN will try to move 170,000 refugees and find them a new home, mainly those who need it the most.

The UNHCR spokesman said that each case rests with the countries that will take the refugees in, but he also said that in recent years, most of the refugees recommended for resettlement have been given new homes. Last year, the agency recommended more than 130,000 people for resettlement. Two years ago, it recommended 104,000.


Europe has received thousands of refugees and is working on a sharing process, which helps relocate the thousands of refugees who have escaped the conflicts in their countries. Italy and Greece have seen thousands of refugees arrive in the last few years. The Mediterranean Sea is one of the routes to get to these countries and Europe is currently helping with the rescue efforts. Two months ago, it was reported that Italy was receiving 6,000 migrants and refugees every week.

Earlier this week, Italy’s coastguard rescued thousands of refugees. Hundreds also lost their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Experts revealed earlier today that the migrant crisis will cost member countries £20 billion ($28 billion) this year.

The problem right now is that only a few have been resettled since arriving to Europe. UNHCR estimates say that 60 million people have left their homes around the world. 40 million have been displaced in their home country while 20 million have escaped to other countries. Last year, Syrians had the most resettlement cases, with 20 percent.

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