Countries with the Highest Crime Rates – 2016 List


Top 10 Countries with the Highest Crime Rate

Murder, burglary, theft. Every country on the planet has had to wrestle with how best to deal with the darker side of humanity. Whether through mass incarceration, rehabilitation or exceedingly harsh punishments, many countries have tried to develop strategies to help curb such acts from occurring. Here, we list the ten countries that need to work on said strategies a bit more. Each country listed has had their rank determined by the following factors:
1.United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime statistical reports
2.National Crime Index Reports
3.Reports on National Corruption
4.Reports of non-government paramilitary actions
This will allow for a comprehensive look at crime not just at the individual, but at the societal level, and allow for us to predict crime outlooks for the near future.

10. High Crime Rate Country: Kenya

2Perhaps better known for the lovely tourist opportunities afforded to it due to the wildlife and landscape, Kenya has in the past two decades been a crime haven for both individuals and large organizations. By far the most common crime in Kenya in 2016 is carjacking, with an average of nearly 10 carjackings per day occurring in Nairobi alone, with general theft coming in at a close second. What does make matters worse is the most brazen of criminals in both the capital city and within the larger game reserves will disguise themselves as police and steal from unsuspecting tourists, often at fake checkpoints. That being said, it’s not exactly the case that the national police could be excluded from such thefts. Corruption within Kenya both within police forces and political groups is widespread, with multiple surveys reporting that the average urban Kenyan pays a bribe nearly every other day. To properly round out this picture of crime and cement Kenya’s place as #10 on this list, there is also a presence of the Islamic Militant group Al-Shabaab which has spread from its native Somalia to the country as a retaliation for peacekeeping operations.

9.High Crime Rate Country: Brazil

3The country most notable for Carnival is also well known for the carnage that occurs within its borders. Having one of the highest murder rates in the world at an estimated 30 per 100,000 inhabitants, a long history of violence as a result of the drug trade, and a sizeable population who make their living through gang activity makes Brazil quite the dangerous place. Matters are only made worse by what has been termed Social Apartheid, where the poor are typically left to their own devices and services are often underfunded in the large slums of the urban areas. These favelas, as they are called are often regarded as wholly gang maintained and may ensure a high rate of crime will continue in the years to come if social reform does not occur. This is only further cemented as children as young as 6 are often recruited into aiding the transport or sale of drugs. Beside social stigma in regards to the issue, corruption on the local and regional level has been reported as rampant, as money made from weapons and narcotic sales are often used to pay authorities to look the other way when illicit activities take place.

8.High Crime Rate Country: El Salvador

4If one were to take the philosophy and poverty of Mad Max and set it into Central America, El Salvador would be the result. Since 2012, when the very fragile domestic peace accords were wholly shattered, the nation has struggled with two gangs, MS-13 and Calle 18, as well as the sometimes seen as heroes, usually seen as death squads, La Sombra Negra (The Black Shadow). This country as a result of gang violence suffers a very high murder rate of over 90 per 100,000 inhabitants, and a similar rate of occurrence of robberies (which is in reality, surprisingly low). It is often thought that the primary contributor to the crime within El Salvador had been the civil war which occurred within the 1980’s, alongside a generally high prevalence in poverty. While the government of El Salvador isn’t often seen as horribly corrupt, it can be said that it is hardly effective even in containment; The gangs based in El Salvador often also wreak havoc upon its neighbors, Guatemala and

7.High Crime Rate Country: Trinidad and Tobago

5The twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago when taken in as a tourist destination, can seem quite appealing. Warm tropical beaches, palm leaves flowing in the Caribbean air, and crystal clear waves falling upon the shore. This lovely image tends to unfortunately break down if one leaves the safer districts that hold the resorts of the islands. Surprising as it may seem, Trinidad and Tobago both have an epidemic of gang related crimes. While not nearly as violent as the previously mentioned nation at a murder rate 30 per 100,000 inhabitants, it does tend to have more thefts occur within its borders. Drug distribution and kidnappings have also risen substantially over the past decade, which has been a major concern for the local government who have been working diligently to combat it.

6.High Crime Rate Country: Nigeria

6While the country of Nigeria is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, and seen as a haven for new business on the continent, it is also home to some very unique criminal activity. Perhaps best known of these activities are the bank transfer scams, the Nigerian Prince Email scams, and of course the kidnapping of 276 girls by the Boko Haram terrorist group. Alongside these however, lay the more common crimes of drug distribution, prostitution, mugging, rape and general corruption which are primarily committed by University fraternities who hold unusual power in the country. More often than not acting as mafias more than academic-affiliated institutions and with names such as the Second Sons of Satan, these groups tend to indoctrinate students from wealthier families and plant them in positions of power to gain more influence on the nation as a whole. Not to be outdone by anyone in the creative crimes department, Nigeria also has had a resurgence of maritime piracy in the past 5 years, which has resulted in multiple

5.High Crime Rate Country: Honduras

7The crime in Honduras is not so much home grown, as it is a migration. After the crackdowns which aided to curb gang violence had occurred in El Salvador, Honduras became the new gang haven for many members still trying to turn a profit using their old methods. Sadly for the inhabitants of this country, this has led to the single deadliest country in the world in terms of homicide rates, at a terrifying 91 in 100,000. As to be expected, smuggling of weapons, drugs and people across borders has also contributed to Honduras making it to the halfway point on this list. It would seem that between it having exceptionally bad influences as neighbors, and a long, mostly uninhabited coast line which makes it an excellent shipping port for drugs this country is suffering from being at the wrong place, at the wrong time on a national scale.

4.High Crime Rate Country: Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea is very much an island frontier. With one of the most diverse cultures on the planet it is strange to see this country on the list, especially when one considers less than 20% of the inhabitants of this country live in cities. In fact, if one looks at the more common crimes mentioned so far in this article like murder and carjacking, they are on average much lower than quite a few more “stable” countries. However, when one looks at the crimes of domestic abuse and rape the image takes a very drastic turn for the worse. In some of the more rural districts of the country, public health surveys have reported rape rates as high as 65%, and domestic abuse of women at an astonishing 92%, with that of children on both counts being only slightly less absurd. It should also be noted that in urban areas while the rates of abuse and rape are lower, the latter is often used for gang initiation. Such violence has put a major toll on the public health system in the country (accounting for roughly 75% of injuries treated as of 2015) and has also contributed to the prevalent HIV/AIDS problem in the region.

3.High Crime Rate Country: South Africa

9South Africa has never had what one would call the cleanest image. While a strong contributor to the Commonwealth in terms of finances and culture, this country has also had a long history of crime, ranging from loosely controlled private military firms to those crimes more typically associated to poverty stricken countries. While the initial picture is exceptionally bad, with an average of nearly 50 murders per day, child kidnappings at a rate of around one every five hours, and a record of rape that is noted to have affected nearly one in three women, there has been improvement in recent years. In the past twenty years, the rate of murder has dropped by nearly 20%, and sexual violence by a little over 10%. One crime that remains quite stable is carjacking, to the point that certain vehicles are no longer insurable by the larger companies of the country as the rate of theft is simply too high. Sadly, the police of the country have maintained a reputation for being too slow to respond, and often without enough power to properly enforce law. As a result, those who can afford it have carried on the tradition of private armed security to ensure their own safety.

2.High Crime Rate Country: South Sudan


As the youngest country on this list at just shy of 5 years old, it is obvious South Sudan is going through growing pains. While the statistics on what are seen as common crimes are not readily available in the region, this country made it to the runner up position based almost purely on ethnic clashes, tribal disputes, and the practice of child marriage. With multiple armed paramilitary groups in 90% of the nations provinces including the widely publicized Lord’s Resistance Army headed by Joseph Kony, violence has maintained nearly civil war levels. To make matters worse, police forces are severely underfunded and equipped, and health resources are likewise minuscule, with only 3 surgeons within the entire country, and three permanent hospitals. Crimes in this region may transition from genocidal and warlike to more domestic lawlessness, but until the infrastructure is more properly developed, the rates are unlikely to go down.

1.High Crime Rate Country: Venezuela

11Venezuela has recently been in the news due to what many analysts see as a collapse that has been in the making for years. For the past decade, murder, kidnapping and narcoterrorist activities have blown out of proportion. This country is on track to having a murder rate of nearly 100 per 100,000, a kidnapping (that is reported) once every 6 hours, and violence against foreign tourists and visitors being so prevalent that the United States, Canada and Australia authorities heavily advise tourists to not bother going. When combined with a prosecution rate of roughly 2%, widespread government corruption and supply shortages of staples of human civilization, it is hard to imagine Venezuela being dethroned as the king of this list in the coming years.

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