5 Great Athletes Who Haven’t Won Everything


Winning everything in sports is not easy, there are so many things that can stop athletes from reaching the title during the season. Injuries, trades, releases, and even being on a team that doesn’t have the greatest 2roster has stopped a few athletes from winning everything. A few don’t even get their hands on one title or make playoffs during their career and are still considered great. But winning is something that fans love to remember and is sometimes used to determine the greatest athletes of all time. There are plenty of great athletes today who have won everything at their sport. But some of the best have yet to win everything. Here are some of the great athletes who have not won everything:


Ronaldo has won everything during his great career with Manchester United and Real Madrid. But the success hasn’t been the same with Portugal. Ronaldo has been an important player for Portugal in the World Cup qualifiers and Euro tournament, but he has not won a title with them. The 2014 World Cup didn’t go well but Ronaldo does have an important game ahead. We’re talking about the Euro 2016 final, which will be decided between Portugal and France tomorrow. A win would give Ronaldo another big title, this time with his national team.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is one of the best players in basketball and most teams in the league were interested in signing him during the start of free agency earlier this month. He only met with a few teams and decided to join the Golden State Warriors a few days ago. The shocking move made the Warriors a favorite to win the title next season. The team won the title in the 2014-15 season and was one game away from winning it again last season. Durant has not won the title in his career but did make the NBA Finals a few years ago. The star small forward won the Olympics gold medal in 2012 and just needs an NBA title to win everything.


Messi is currently one of the greatest football players in the world but many are wondering if he’ll ever play for Argentina ever again. The Barcelona star has won everything with his club and could win a lot more titles next season. Neymar and Suarez are just some of the names that play next to him, so Barcelona is one of the favorites for next season. But his career hasn’t been the same with his national team, Argentina. It hasn’t been bad actually but not winning a major title since 1993 has added to the pressure. The team has lost the World Cup and two Copa America finals in the last two years. All of those games have been very close too, with the World Cup decided in overtime and the two Copa America finishing in penalty kicks. After the second Copa America loss a few weeks ago, Messi decided to retire from the national team. Many believe he could return in the future but for now, we’ll only see him play for Barcelona.


Neymar is only 24 years old but has already won a lot of titles with Barcelona. But it hasn’t been the same with Brazil. He was impressive during the Confederations Cup final, winning against Spain. But the 2014 World Cup did not go as well. Brazil hosted the tournament and was one of the favorites to win but that changed before they even played Germany. Brazil advanced to the semi-final but lost Neymar in the previous game. Germany then shocked the world with a 7-1 win. Neymar skipped this year’s Copa America Centenario to play in the Olympics, which will be hosted by Brazil. The gold medal is the only win Brazil needs in its trophy shelf, since they have already won five World Cups and eight Copa Americas. Neymar is younger than most athletes in this list, so he has more time to change that.

Mike Trout

At 24 years old, Mike Trout is already considered one of the best, if not the best, baseball player today. He was the AL MVP in 2014 but is still waiting to make the World Series. In the past, there have been a few rumors about him being traded to another team looking to make a big run but that wouldn’t be easy to do. It would probably take a lot for one team to complete a trade and the Angels would lose one of the best players in baseball. The Angels are currently 37-50 but there are plenty of games left in the season, so the playoff race is not done just yet.


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